Outsourcing has been a rapidly growing sector, especially in the United States, serving approximately 30% of its market share. It is observed that Turkey also began to increase along with demand quickly begin to see new demand. Outsource; Whether the professional or not the demands of the staff within the company's own model is to get service from an expert company with a rental model.

A lot of research has been done about outsourcing and the advantages it brings to public and organizations are as follows:

  • If you want to focus on your own business, but want to take advantage of emerging technologies
  • If qualified personnel circulation in the IT sector creates problems for your company
  • If changes in markets create periodic opportunities for your company and you want to take advantage of these opportunities without increasing your fixed cost,
  • Needs highly qualified staff; however, if the cost of employing such a full-time workforce
  • If you are a project-intensive company and want to finalize mid-term projects without changing fixed costs,
  • If the number of employees registered with payroll is an important performance criterion for your company,
  • Economic conditions and market uncertainties prevent you from making long-term plans, and if you are afraid of investing in manpower,

As Ekon A.Ş.

  • First of all to determine the needs of our customers in face to face sessions,
  • Identify the most suitable personnel from the database to meet your needs,
  • By presenting the Short List to your company, leaving the customer with the right of final selection,
  • And to match our client with designated staff,
  • By completing the beginning of the job and all other legal procedures on the prescribed date
  • In case the personnel leave the job for any reason, to place another specialist with the same characteristics as soon as possible.

Ekon A.Ş. working process.
Your benefits:

  • Time control is under your control.
  • Your cost is limited to the duration of the task or project.
  • Extensive experience and know-how is at your disposal at a certain time.
  • Success in various sectors and organizations are with you.
  • Added value is created from a different perspective.
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