The effects of the Information and Communication era in Europe and the world are also felt in our country and this change is closely monitored by the public institutions and organizations in our country. As a requirement of contemporary civilization, in order to keep up with this change, the innovations introduced by the laws enacted by the central administration take software services in order to ensure that they are implemented in an equivalent process in public institutions and organizations. One of the most common problems with this service is that software projects cannot be completed on time and within budget. The most common reason for software projects failing is project management (or rather poor management of the project).

The key element in Software Projects is the absolute definition of customer needs. Asking the right questions about the project and the needs of the customer and formulating a software requirements document (SRS) that will form the basis of the project plan and engineering infrastructure by documenting the analysis from this uncertainty and formally documenting the needs and questioning the customer's own needs will give you the opportunity.

In order to help the client determine his / her needs correctly, sufficient time must be devoted to the project planning phase to understand the project objectives and outputs. The assumptions used by customers should be considered and the benefits and risks to the end user should be assessed. In order to list expectations and ensure that all teams understand the final product clearly, the customer should be allowed to read, think and approve the completed software requirement document. It is inevitable that the project will fail if the wrong and incomplete needs arise during the final stages of the software lifecycle.

Reasons for Failure of the Project:

  • Insufficient or no planning
  • Targets and features are not clearly defined, ambiguous
  • Continuous change of objectives and features during the project
  • Unrealistic over-optimistic time and resource estimates
  • Lack of administrative support and exclusion of end-user
  • Inability to act as a team and bad communication
  • Lack of the necessary capabilities of project members İçelli>

We, as Ekon A.Ş, are ready to offer the best software consultancy solutions to institutions and organizations. We believe that we can produce solutions to all your problems in a short time with our platform-independent, solution-oriented consultancy approach. from the first phase of your project to the delivery phase, we provide consultancy services for concrete due diligence, identification of current and potential risks, and solution proposals.

In addition, EKON Inc. presents the most frequently encountered software projects, preparing technical specifications based on current technologies, designing system-based system architecture and creating the approximate costs of the software.

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