To all Public Institutions and Organizations that tenders under the Public Procurement Law and Public Procurement Contracts Law; We coordinate the participation of companies participating in various tenders financed by Public Institutions and provide consultancy services.

In line with the needs of public institutions and organizations, IT projects (system, software) to ensure the realization of the solution, the organization's dependence on a certain manufacturer's products to a minimum, open to competition, supporting their own standards To conduct feasibility study before the tender, to prepare tender document (technical specification, administrative specification, draft contract and other), to carry out the evaluation activities of the tenders collected by the Authority based on the prepared tender document, to carry out the work of the solution as a whole, to supervise the activities performed by the contractor on behalf of the Authority, In the process of realization, to keep confidential all kinds of information, is our main principle.

  • Ekon Bilisim is neutral, objective and independent because it does not sell products and serves only, also.
  • Provides competition among manufacturers, Diplodli>
  • Makes the needs of public institutions and organizations in line with today's technologies.
  • Ensures that the work is well understood by both the institution and the tenderers and prepares the correct proposal.
  • Follows all the articles of the specification one by one until the acceptance process and reports